Guero – Guerino Taresco – born as a musician, since his childhood he was a secret lover of the goddess music, particularly sounds produced by strings, first with the guitar and bass and finally with the double bass, which became his main instrument. He’s a very versatile musician, with a range from jazz to classical music, and an interest in various genres of music, always with an open-minded, technical and intellectual curiosity. Thanks also to his experience teaching music in high school, together with his fervent capacity of observation and imagination, this consolidated in him the belief of the close relationship between the worlds of sound and imagination. The research and study of music are associated with the study and research of places, environments and figures. Nevertheless, these images, in the production of paintings are free from the geometric forms and are expressing a pure passion for colour. In his art you can find a refusal or abandon of the common shapes in order to follow a dynamic research of colour palettes, which allows him to express more emotion and sentiment.

Even though he only started painted a year ago, Guero has produced a vast and varied portfolio which is well-matched to the phrase of Jean-Jacques Marie: “For the painter, the fertility in terms of the quantity is to me, as important as the quality.” The quantity, for Guero, corresponds to the effort, the study and the research to tentatively explore his limits.

Some of his works are more studied, more thought, more rationalised, the fruit of a research in which is simple to find the underlying idea. Others, the majority in reality are more spontaneous, but not random, rather a gesture that portrays an emotion, a state of being, or the research of meaning that Guero tries to explore within himself the relationship with the outside. In this regards, the intention is that of capture and communicate, exactly like when you interpret a piece of music. The paintbrush and the spatula are thought and utilised like the bow on the string, with the same intensity, the same respect and the same humility.

The abstraction of forms, recalling the vanguard of the 50s, allows ample possibilities to receive from the paintings the idea of his lived experiences and the related conditions of the particular moment. It’s possible to look for a long time at the same painting and be guided by the colour, like when you listen to a piece of music, hence to stare now to one colour, then to another, then to one curve, on one shade, and find always a new word.

Among the principal intention of Guero, there is the construction of an empathetic dialogue with the audience, the free sharing of ideas, opinions, emotions, like when you play the game “what do you see in the clouds”. Everyone can find the form you want, and the suggested form from another, building the capacity to see things from different points of view.

The principal conviction of the artist is that the art should have the duty to bring back to the most important parts of our being, namely the internal life, research of identity and sense, that renders us profoundly human beings.

The artistic message, for Guero, is expressive, communicative and at the same time an educational message: art is a pedagogy, is a privileged route of the humanisation process of living together.

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