Guero – Guerino Taresco – born as a musician, since his childhood he was a secret lover of the goddess music, particularly sounds produced by strings, first with the guitar and bass and finally with the double bass, which became his main instrument. He’s a very versatile musician, with a range from jazz to classical music, and an interest in various genres of music, always with an open-minded, technical and intellectual curiosity. Thanks also to his experience teaching music in high school, together with his fervent capacity of observation and imagination, this consolidated in him the belief of the close relationship between the worlds of sound and imagination. The research and study of music are associated with the study and research of places, environments and figures. Nevertheless, these images, in the production of paintings are free from the geometric forms and are expressing a pure passion for colour. In his art you can find a refusal or abandon of the common shapes in order to follow a dynamic research of colour palettes, which allows him to express more emotion and sentiment.

Il distacco dalle cose, il bisogno di silenzio, l’assenza di figure umane.

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